Superlotto Plus results

lotto2In the United States state owned lottery are big business for both the states that operate them and of course the people that are lucky enough to win these games. Some of the largest games winnings can be life changing results for the lucky ones who win. As an example the SuperLotto which is run by the state of Claifornia is one of the biggest jackpots available and it can be absolutely massive!  Apart from the massive jackpots which are available to all players there are also other prize multiples which can be won making it one of the richest state lotteries available across the US.

Playing is as simple as buying a ticket and then you select  select six figures from two diverse pools, when playing California SuperLotto Plus:


  • Five figures beginning from 1 to 47
  • A single MEGA number starting from 1 to 27

Once you’ve bought your ticket you can find out the results at Superlotto Plus results

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