dealAGAWAM, MASS. – The card game of Bridge was made popular in the 1930s and had continued to be a popular game for hundreds of years.


Because of the incredible knowledge the player must have, Bridge is recognized as a sport of the mind. It is a partner trick-taking card game of skill. Here is how to play the game:


The game is played with four players who form two partnerships. Sitting across from each other, each player participates in an auction, or “bidding” process for their cards before the round begins. In order to win the game, the partners must predict the outcome of the opposing team’s score. The more correct predictions, the better their score.


Although thousands of people still play the age-old game, many don’t bother to learn because the math skill and prediction skill are too difficult for some. But a computer program that was developed by Edward C. Marzo and Ward & Sons, Inc. can make any naysayer learn this classic game of wit.


Marzo developed the Dealmaster Pro Bridge Program and Deal Generator in 1995 when he recognized as a Bridge player himself, the need to make learning the game simpler.


The program’s features have remained mostly the same and have improved over time. In recent years, the program has added a tab for teachers that features professional printout formats and organizational functions; a tab for Bridge clubs, which includes the deal generator and the ability for the user to design their own travelers; and the Bridge player tab which allows the user to create hand records of their BBO deals and generate deals to their specifications.


The program and deal generator allows a player to simulate the conditions that can happen during an auction. It allows the player to enter the 13 specific cards held by one or more hands so that the program generates almost any specification for bidding practice and analysis and the click of a mouse.


The Dealmaster Pro Bridge Program and Deal Generator has been touted as the best way to learn the game of Bridge by many prominent players and writers.

“Without Dealmaster Pro, creative bridge writing would be arduous. With Dealmaster, it’s a pleasure,” said Harold Feldheim, a well-known Bridge player and writer. “Dealmaster Pro’s facilities to create consistently on-target deals is a spectacular benefit for any serious Bridge player. I unreservedly recommend it as the best bargain in Bridge.”

World champion Bridge player Eric Rodwell called Dealmaster Pro “a tremendous program…outstanding organizational tool. Numerous great printouts. I love being able to record notes about intriguing deals.”

The program has also proved useful for teachers like award-winning author Barbara Seagram who also teaches the game.

“Dealmaster has changed my life. I used to spend hours writing out hands for students to take home to practice and they never looked particularly professional,” she said. “Now I am preparing hands and quizzes for them like never before. They are absorbing so much more because they can look these over at home and not just in the classroom. I can insert notes with each hand and this is fantastic. Dealmaster has so many features and is so easy to use. And customer support is first rate.”

The Bridge World Magazine even praised Marzo’s program, saying that the “Anyone with a creative bent and bridge-deal curiosity will have a ball with this software.”

The 2007 ACBL Player of the Year Roy Welland said that “Dealmaster Pro has been the single best teacher I’ve had – not only do we learn a great deal…but it’s fun too.”

The Dealmaster Pro Bridge Simulator and the Dealmaster Pro Bridge Deal Generator can be purchased on dealmaster.com for $59.95 plus a $5 shipping and handling fee. All purchases outside the U.S. will be sent via U.S. International Mail for the same price. Ward & Sons also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if the user isn’t satisfied with the program. To purchase the bridge card game software, visit the website.



Ward and Sons, Inc., is a one-man company that was founded in 1976 by Edward C. Marzo. Most of his career has been spend developing and managing data processing systems for large corporations. In 1995 he developed the first version of the Dealmaster Pro. He demonstrated the software at the 1995 summer NABC in New Orleans.


The program has stayed mostly the same, but some changes and improvements have been made thanks to technological innovation and customer input. For more information, visit the website or contact Marzo at dealmaster@dealmaster.com or call him at 413-789-4267.

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