Game Slots

gameslotGame slots are games usually found in a casino. This game is really easy, about 80% of first timers in a casino usually head to the slot, all you have to do is just drop coins in a slot, push it in and pull the lever. Apart from the fact that playing with cards on the table can be intimidating, records show that the most life changing jackpots were gotten from a slot machine.


How To Play

Game slot machines are fitted with currency acceptors. All you have to do is slide a bill into the slot and, the equivalent amount of credits are shown on the meter.

After this, on a reel spinning machine push a button marked “one credit”, until you’ve exhausted the number of coins you have. You then push the “spin reels” button or pull the lever of slot machines with those.

Most machines have 1-5 payout lines, the symbol which could be cherries, bars, double bars, triple bars and seven determines what a player has won after it stops on a layout line. A player gets a jackpot if and when he/she gets three sevens.

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