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Tips to improve your Bridge game

dealBridge is a challenging game, there are so many nuances, rules and techniques to master on your way to becoming competent with the game. When you have built your skill level past the basics and gotten control of how to Bid, declare and defend, it’s time to up your game and takes your skill-set to the next level.

Here are a few tips to help you through each stage of the game and develop your understanding of the three key areas.

Tips for the bidding

  • It’s quite possible that your partner does not have the stellar hand that you do, so make sure that you tread carefully in bidding ahead of your partner. Rathe set them up to penalize your opponents for standing in your path.
  • Where ever you can minimize your exposure to risk, do not open bad hands with 12 HCP’s unless you have a few aces ready for action.
  • Avoid blackwood, or blackwood RKC with an unbid suit, especially with three cards or less.


Tips for Declaring

  • Trumps should be drawn immediately unless you must first ruff some losers.
  • Cashout side-suit winners first by crossruffing the hand.
  • At certain stages, it may not be viable to ruff, pass on it in order to prevent losing control of a Trump suit.
  • Be aware of when it may be time to execute a safety play.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s cards, watch for what they decide to lead with
  • The rule of 7, learn it and understand how to execute it. The hold-up rule is complex but can really make for a great strategy but beware of danger in another suit.
  • Don’t overdo the false card.

Tips for Defending

  • When the declarer leads from touching honors, cover the second honor, unless you are short in the suit
  • When there’s no chance to promote a hand, or your partner’s hand, then it’s time to cover an honor.
  • Second-hand low is a good general rule to follow but it is not unfathomable.
  • To cut down your opponent’s ruffing opportunities, lead with trumps.
  • Ruff out the declarer’s tricks and try to get them to ruff out their winners, not losers.
  • Knock out the dummies entry before a suit can be set up.
  • Overuffing exposes you to possible trump tricks.
  • Lead against the game or partscore
  • If an opponents’ bidding signals they may have balanced hands, be passive.
  • if their bidding indicates long suits and plenty of tricks, be aggressive.


The Game Changer – Deal Master pro software

If you are ready to use technology to assist you in becoming a better bridge player, then it’s time to have a look at a bridge card game software suit, that can help you to better bidding, declaring and defending.

A simulator lets the user simulate a variety of conditions which may occur after an auction. They offer a useful tool for statistical analysis of probable bid opportunities and possibilities for the player.

A full powered Dealmaster pro software suite will provide you with dealing options to any specifications needed for analysis a practice situations. Statistical analysis od=f key game components such as trick taking and opening leads are now easily obtained and analyzed to help you improve your bridge game.

Any possible situation is now broken down into its elements and you have the ability to analyze wat works and what doesn’t, accurately identifying and exposing opportunities when they present themselves.


The Dealmaster pro system is designed and engineered to enhance and improve your knowledge and skills of the game of bridge. Taking advantage of the technological revolution to better your game and up your skill level is now as easy as a click of your mouse. Can you afford to be left behind? If you are serious about your game and serious about improving it, then get a copy of Dealmaster pro bridge card game software today.


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