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Will the Royals Pull Off a World Series Run?

The later part of August is separating the contenders for the 2015 World Series from the rest of the teams in baseball. The Kansas City Royals have a +500 gambling line from SBG Global to win the World Series and could be on their way to pulling it off. However, the team does have a few others to watch for, particularly one team in the American League that has been growing in power in recent time and could be a big threat.

The Royals have a 75-48 record and are more than ten games ahead of everyone else in the AL Central. The team’s pitching staff is also strong with a total ERA of about 3.50.

There are still a few teams that are in the running to beat the Royals. The Toronto Blue Jays have made a major run for the title with their recent acquisition of David Price and Josh Donaldson’s strong season. The Blue Jays, who are 69-55, have a +600 sportsbook betting line to win the World Series.

The National League has two teams with +800 lines that could challenge the Royals. The 78-45 St. Louis Cardinals and 67-56 Los Angeles Dodgers are both big contenders to win it all this year. The Cardinals have a 2.68 ERA, the best in the sport, while Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez could be big Cy Young contenders this year.



The Dodgers themselves are a good contender for the season as well. The Dodgers’ Zack Greinke is a fellow Cy Young contender with a 13-3 record and a 1.67 ERA. Clayton Kershaw also has more than two hundred strikeouts so far this year.

The challenge for the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series for the first time since 1985 will be rather challenging with all the competition that the team will be facing this year. There is a good chance for the Royals to win it all this season as the team has been rather talented but the competition out there is strong.

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