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AverageIt is true that playing poker now has become the popular phenomenon all around the world. Recently a new website opened a Poker Channel tracking the day to day lives of a few poker grinders. The page currently follows the lives of TheTrooper97, RayzRayl, Life of an Average Joe, and ChipXtractor. All four seem to be in very different positions in life and their poker careers. All 4 have very different personalities and all 4 seem to display different aspects of the game.


TheTrooper97 is a Las Vegas grinder struggling with the ups and downs of 1/2 and uses plenty of explicatives to express his emotions. Rayz Rayl seems to be a middle aged man utilizing poker for additional income to help support his family. Life of an Average Joe is a series that seems to track a Joe’s life away from the table and is filled with everything you would think a stereotypical gamblers life would be filled with. Plenty of traveling, boozing and scantily cladded women to go around. ChipXtractor looks to be another middle aged man documenting his growth and is attempting to stretch his abilities from home game hero to a regional casino force to be reckoned with.


All four are entertaining in their individualistic way. It appears that the AverageJoeTube is also looking for additional contributors to add to their page. A submission form is listed at the bottom of the page for people that document their poker journeys to submit their info for consideration.
AverageJoeTube is definitely worth watching while in between dry spells of dead starting hands. If your ever running cold or just want a peek in to some other semi-pro card players lives, Its worth your time. AverageJoeTube has me hooked!

Tony Joelli


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