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NFL Game Picks

picsGambling is a pastime or ‘sport’ that has been around for centuries; from back alley games to large casinos, men and women alike have always liked to have a good flutter. It’s grown so much now, that sub niches have gambling are even billion dollar industries! Who doesn’t like watching the football and placing a little wager and let’s not even get started with the super bowl!


If you’re not sure how the industry works, it’s essentially spread betting where you are able to place multiple bets that are playing in various tournaments, this also allows you to ‘hedge’ you bet which means you can minimise your losses. When choosing NFL game picks it can sometimes be a wiser option to choose computer or AI generated game picks, the reason for this is simple as often humans will have emotions tied to the game or teams that are playing. There you have it spread betting and NFL picks in Layman terms.

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