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Bridge Simulation Program to Help Teach Bridge Players of All Levels

deal1AGAWAM, MASS. – Bridge, a game of cards, has been popular for 100s of years, gaining much popularity around the world in the 1930s.

Gambling is known to be one of the worlds oldest past times or as some would like to think ‘sports’ . Thankfully the world of gambling has changed now from dingy bars which at times were often dangerous, one wrong move, or the thought you might be cheating could land you up in serious trouble or even arrested or worse. Thankfully the world of gambling has changed for the good since then. Today, thankfully we’re going to focus on a game called ‘Bridge’ which is not neccassrily associated with the darker side of gambling but is a game enjoyed by many around the world as a great past time. So lets jump straight into it:

Recognized as a “mind sport,” Bridge is a partnership trick-taking card game of skill. In short, the game is played with four players who form two partnerships. The partners sit opposite of each other and participate in an auction, or “bidding” process for their cards before the play. The partnerships must attempt to predict the outcome of the opposing team’s score. The more tricks the partnership correctly predicts, the better their own scores will look.


Hundreds of thousands of people around the world still play Bridge in large groups. However, the mental capacity needed for the game has become off-putting to some. However, a computer program developed by Edward C. Marzo and Ward & Sons, Inc., could make teaching and learning the classic game of wit just a little simpler.

The Dealmaster Bridge Simulator was created first in 1995 after Marzo, a social Bridge player himself, recognized the need to make learning the game and predicting various outcomes easier. He began developing an idea for a program that could store information about Bridge deals that would also allow its users to enter, annotate and classify data about a given deal.


The program has continued to grow through ideas from its users, but the features have largely remained the same and improved over time. The Dealmaster Pro Bridge Simulator is a generator that enables the user to simulate conditions that could have happened during an auction. It features the ability to enter the 13 specific cards held by one or more hands. This allows a teacher or player of any level to generate almost any specification for bidding practice and convention analysis at the clock of the mouse or the stroke of a key.

The program has been endorsed by several prominent Bridge players and instructors including Roy Wlland, 2007 ACBL Player of the Year;” Ellen Caitlin Pomer, an online Bridge instructor; and Benito Garozzo, a Bridge World Champion.


Among these endorsers is Bob Hamman, an American professional Bridge player, who said “Dealmaster Pro is absolutely indispensable for partnership bidding and for analysis of simulations. It continues to have valuable improvements. I give it an unconditional endorsement for players at all levels.”

The Bridge World Magazine even praised Marzo’s program, saying that the “Anyone with a creative bent and bridge-deal curiosity will have a ball with this software.“

The Dealmaster Pro Bridge Simulator and the Dealmaster Deal Generator can be purchased on for $59.95 plus a $5 shipping and handling fee. All purchases outside the U.S. will be sent via U.S. International Mail for the same price. Ward & Sons also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if the user isn’t satisfied with the program. So what’s to lose?


For more information, visit the website or contact Marzo at or by phone at 413-789-4267. You can find out more by visiting this product has some great features which can all be viewed here. You can also learn more about the great team behind the site here and of course if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team here who will be more than happy to help.

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