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Astrology Helps With Relationships

AstrologyRomeo and Juliet… we all know how that relationship ended up! Nobody wants to become star-crossed lovers, so both parties really try to keep their stars aligned. Which is why couples use online astrology readings.


Some people, worldwide stare and talk about celebrities for 2 major reasons: first, to discover if they’ll be rich, famous and successful (the answer is always yes, congratulations!) and secondly, to see if they’re work well with their mate.


Based on astrologers and possibly the help of an online astrology readings, the success of any relationship is based on the couple’s star signs. Can an Aquarius truly be pleased with a Taurus? Do Libra men always cheat? Do Aries flirt with strangers much more than Leos?


Some laugh at these questions, while others wonder if there’s an inkling of truth. We can’t deny that instant spark that ignites occasionally, achieved by the guy who bought you a drink at that party you went to last week or that masked girl dancing beside you during the Carnival. Does that spark appear because you two are astrologically matched? Did you happen to consult an online astrology readings?


To find out this, we must first compare the sun signs of the two people in question (Sun signs are the main Astrology signs, which rule willpower and ego), their rising signs (those ascending for the Eastern horizon at birth) and what signs live in their moons (determines emotional states of mind). To do this, each astrologer needs to know what could be the exact location of each star and planet as soon as you both entered this life. Simple really.


Once properly read by trained professionals, your star charts can reveal how you engage with your partner, or simply how much sexual chemistry you have with each other, if you’re emotionally compatible… if you just fit well together.


So, can online astrology readings really help find your true true love? Yes? Well for the skeptics, let’s focus on the absolute answer ‘no’.


Technically speaking, online astrology readings are about as helpful in finding your mate as a needle in a haystack.


While this study only focused on sun signs, ignoring moon and rising, it also revealed other glaring inconsistency: astrologers cannot agree which signs are most compatible. Without an absolute direction, scientists boiled it down to the lowest common denominator, and the findings revealed that couples connected on purely random levels.


Fear not fellow star gazers! Both Online Astrology readings and free astrology readings do indeed help us evaluate our current relationships in non-astrological ways!


You see, when you study the stars and plot your coursework on the astrological charts,using online astrology readings, what you are fundamentally doing is self-analysing your own strengths and weaknesses. This helps you decide what kind of person you are, what kind of mate you require, and what kind of relationship you are in… or ought to be in.


Any hobby or diversion that helps us take a step back and view the bigger picture is indeed a great help to our lives. So online astrology readings can in fact become an effective guide towards helping you on your quest for a soul mate,as long as you take the information in your stride and do not permit it to make all choices for you…but most important of all, find a qualified astrologer who will initially provide free astrology readings for you to learn from. Yes in time, you too can find the perfect relationship with the help of astrology, that you always wanted!


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